Parental Support

Home Learning

Home Learning Support

Parental support for home learning is essential. Monitor home learning to make certain that it is completed, and that your child is able to do it.

If your child is having difficulty with home learning, this may be an early warning sign of a problem that you should discuss with your child’s teacher.

Home learning is a window into what is being taught in the classroom. If you know what your child is studying, you can take advantage of opportunities to extend that learning.

Home learning is an important part of the work pupils complete at The Ҵý School. It is essential for academic success. Specifically, home learning. Click below for more information on the KS3 and KS4 Curriculum.

How To Help Home Learning

Parents can help their children organise for home learning in the following ways:

Setup a work station

Set aside a place for home learning to be done; this can be as simple as the end of the kitchen table or as elaborate as a desk with a lamp in a special place (perhaps your child’s room).

Provide the necessary supplies.

Make certain the necessary supplies are available ~ pencils, eraser, paper, crayons, etc.

Allocate time each day

Set aside a special time for home learning each day; don’t wait until your child is nearly ready for bed, it is likely they will be too tired.

Remove distractions

Insist that the television be turned off so that your child can concentrate; sometimes playing music at low volume helps to mask household sounds (hint: studies have shown that listening to Mozart improves a child’s ability in maths!)


If there is a lot of home learning, help your child to structure the time; set a timer and encourage short breaks of a few minutes.

Monitor progress

Sign your child’s Pupil Planner for the appropriate week and report any concerns to your child’s Form Tutor via the Planner.

Free Meals

For those students entitled to Free School Meals, their account will be loaded daily with the amount of a meal deal – currently this is £2.50.

Accounts can be loaded with additional monies but the system will always use the free school meal fund first.