Resource Base for Deaf Pupils


Our Aims

The aim of the Resource Base is to provide support for pupils with hearing impairment to enable them to integrate and participate, as fully as possible, in all aspects of life at Ҵý School. 


Pupils are part of an inclusive provision at Ҵý, with specialist support from a team of Teachers of the Deaf, a Specialist Tutor, Educational Communicators and Specialist Learning Support Assistants.

Pupils also benefit from tutorials in the sound treated environment of the Resource Base for pre and post tutoring, in order to facilitate access to the mainstream curriculum and to focus on the educational objectives in their EHCP.  This may also include targets from, for example, our visiting speech and language therapist or visiting sign language instructor. Mentoring, audiological monitoring of hearing aids, cochlear implants and radio aids also form part of this provision.

What to expect from RBDP


The Curriculum

Pupils are members of a tutor group and follow the National Curriculum, largely in mainstream classes with additional support provided by Resource Base staff in lessons and in the Resource Base, as necessary. Pupils may study some subjects in the Resource Base taught by Teachers of the Deaf.


Communication Support

Pupils are provided with communication support according to their needs. This could include the use of British Sign Language, Sign Supported English or Signed English.



The Resource Base is in the main school building and consists of two large and five smaller acoustically treated rooms which provide the best possible conditions to help develop pupils’ learning.



The Resource Base has a team of Teachers of the Deaf, a Specialist Tutor, Educational Communicators, Specialist Learning Support Assistants and a Clerical Assistant. All our staff are highly qualified, experienced and committed to ensuring that every child has the opportunity to achieve their potential. The staffing and funding for the Resource Base is additional to the school staffing.


Fellow Pupils

We pride ourselves in how well our pupils progress in all aspects of school life during their time at Ҵý. Our pupils get involved in the full range of opportunities provided at Ҵý and make a superb contribution to the school. They are valued ambassadors for Ҵý and become excellent Deaf role models to younger pupils.

The Head of the Resource Base

Yvonne Hillson